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Initial Evaluation

A 1 hour, uninterrupted session to gather a detailed health history and to establish goals for your course of treatment, followed by a thorough physical examination.  A complete examination assesses all the factors that may contribute to your condition, which is essential in developing a holistic, integrated and individualized plan of care.



Follow up Visit

At our 1 hour follow up visits we perform a brief re-evaluation and devote the remainder of time to hands on care and progression of your home program.  We utilize several therapeutic tools including, but not limited to:

  • manual therapy: joint mobilization, manipulation, massage, dry needling
  • therapeutic exercise
  • movement pattern training
  • gait analysis
  • patient education

We view our therapeutic relationship as a partnership where we aim to provide all the tools you will need to consolidate and progress the gains made in the clinic.  The additional time that we schedule for your visit allows us to assure you are empowered to make maximal progress independently between sessions.


Performance coaching

Combining decades of professional training in exercise physiology with personal experience competing in and coaching a variety of sports, we are your ultimate training partners. During our initial consultation, we will gather a detailed health history and establish your performance goals, followed by a thorough physical examination.  We will develop a personalized and multi-faceted training plan to help you fulfill your health, fitness and performance goals, whether those include running a 5k, competing in an ultramarathon, training for ski mountaineering or simply becoming a healthier, fitter version of your current self.  Subsequent sessions can include a combination of hands on manual therapy, gait analysis, strength and conditioning, or facetime to discuss your condition and progress your plan.  Call or email for further details and to discuss a package that meets your needs!

Integrative therapy sessions (yoga, pilates 2 on 1)

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wellness camps

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continuing education courses

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