The Strength Project

The Strength Project is a program committed to nurturing the many facets of a young athlete's health and wellness; it was creatively designed with the intent to capture youth who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, in order to develop physical strength and flexibility as well as mindful strength and flexibility with regard to goal setting, recovery and whole-body wellness.

Membership includes:

  • Physical Therapy initial evaluation (1 on 1) with Sarah Ellefson, PT, to assess strength, mobility, motor control, and to address musculoskeletal or neuromuscular concerns with regard to injury prevention
  • Private (1 on 1) Pilates session with Jennifer Lucas, tailored to individual goals and aimed to encourage flexibility, strength and full body awareness
  • The Strength Project group pilates session each week for duration of membership

Optional add-ons

  • 2 private sessions each month with Physical Therapist, Sarah Ellefson, to discuss training and fitness goals, assist in recovery and address mobility deficits with bodywork including but not limited to: massage, joint mobilization, manipulation, trigger point dry needling
  • Individual health coaching with Katie Costa, certified health coach and Psychologist, tailored to teens for building resilience, maximizing performance and developing healthy lifestyle habits to be used throughout the course of a lifetime.  All aspects of health will be examined such as daily balance, food and nourishment, physical activity, social relationships, sleep and mind-body connection.  The development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes will be encouraged by creation of long-term goals and weekly or bi-weekly action steps aligned with a personal vision of health.

Contact Sarah at (970) 343-4688 or for additional information!